Tuesday, December 27, 2011

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

I want to be colorblind

Color is such a powerful thing.

It has the power to affect how things taste, how things look, how we perceive things, how we love things. Color is indeed powerful. Right.

Albeit, all of the good things color brings into this world, color has one major flaw.

It segregates.

Throughout history, a man's color and physical appearances continually defined him. The apartheid, the white supremacist movement, Holocaust, slavery and up to this day, political suppression by race and color.

It took the land of the free, United States of America, over 200 years before it got its first black president. Yes, 2 centuries before a color of man does not dictate his measure. 

Till this day, racism has is the biggest social problem i believe the world i facing. In Malaysia, racial tensions have never been this tense before. So much so that even then younger generations are in on it.

Even I, yours truly have been susceptible to racist thoughts. I know, no one is perfect, but wouldn't the world be a better place if we place human race first before our own race/ tribe?

Sometimes I wish, we were all colorblind

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What defined the previous decade? (2000-2009)

It dawn to me this question yesterday.

What defined the previous decade? (2000-2009)

What incident or single action or even creation in the previous decade that would change human history forever?

In a decade where a lot has happened, it is very difficult to answer. People may say the war on terrorism, some say the energy crisis which was at its beginning, while others might say the countless disasters that happened that year.

All in all, you are entitled to believe which event may impact you the most and you are right. Nobody has a right to say which event in your life is not of importance or which one is more important. You decide.

So this is my choice. The Four things which in my opinion defined my 2000s that has impacted not only me but how people around me think, act and live.

1. The War on Terror

There is just to many things to say about this endless war. We are in the year 2011 and the War on terror has not stop. The war has spanned over a decade and what are the results of it? Death. Just Good ol' plain death. Unnecessary deaths where innocent people should have never been killed. The War on Terror is a long chapter in the 2000s so it continues beyond that decade towards another decade.

2. Aceh Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina

Banda Aceh
One of the worst disaster that have fallen on Indonesia and America respectively. The Tsunami that hit Banda Aceh was one of the worst the world has ever seen but the aftermath of it was much more than what we can ever imagine. The Aceh Tsunami was not expected but the Katrina Hurricane was. But no one ever thought it would be that bad. Just as the Aceh Tsunami, the Hurricane destroy millions of lives in New Orleans, destroyed a beautiful city  but the effect of it shall last generations and beyond. Yet in the midst of all the chaos and pain, we humans showed what we made of when faced adversity. By not denying our fellow brothers and  sisters a helping hand. Ahhh, Humanity so fragile yet so dangerous. Capable of the greatest thing in life, love and yet, capable of doing the worst, Hate.

3. Apple Inc.

Why Apple? It has revolutionize how we think, interact with one another, listen to music. Those are just the many examples, what the company has impacted the world. I am not an apple user or an Apple advocate but i cannot deny the influence Apple has on the technology world today. Apple revolution started with the iPod. A simple listening device which will forever be in the hands of young teenagers eager to look cool while listening to cool music.Then comes the itunes and the Macbook's, the iMac, Macbook air's and what I believe is Apple's Holy Grail, the iPhone. The iPhone has revolutionize how we interact with one another, how we communicate. How a simple device like a phone be so integral in our lives. The fact that people are just fixing their eyes on that little small screen chatting, watching videos, reading the news somehow made the world a smaller place.

Not only that, how many of you can deny the fact that at least once, when hanging out with your friends, all of you are transfixed, No, glued onto that little small screen either chatting away with a lover continents apart or even playing a simple game of blackjack? Not many people can deny that.We all knew that the smartphone is the next level of the phone but little did we know it will come this early and grow this fast. It has since continue to grow with notable adversary in Google and Microsoft. Together they pushed the Smartphone era into its limelight and Tween years.

4. Facebook

What is the first site you check one you open a browser? I admit to this my first one is my email and the second one is my Facebook account. Facebook has change the was social media works. Why is Facebook so addictive? Why does it appeal to me? In the words of Mark Zuckerberg himself, Facebook is cool. That's why you are addictive to Facebook. The same way as Apple revolutionize the Technology department, Facebook revolutionize how we perceive Social Media and the internet as a whole. It overtook Google as the most important company in just matter of years.

People now find jobs on Facebook, meet and make friends on Facebook, date on Facebook, make money out of it, complain on Facebook. Practically every single human function you want to do in real life you can do on Facebook.(Try shitting, maybe there's a Facebook game for it) Because of Facebook, social websites has become important part of our lives, because we humans are social people right? An old saying, no man is an island prove to be very true. These social websites are very much part of the evolution of the Web to Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is the basis of social media. Where would social media be without Facebook? No where. Facebook made the Web cool again without having to be geeky.

Well here's my list. Things that I believe will be remembered by the whole world because of the weight or the impact it has on our community not only locally but worldwide.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spider Cat

Spider Cat, Spider Cat does whatever a Spider cat can.

Chases mice and climb walls

Look Ma, Just Legs

One of the many things which caught my eye in Jakarta